Dealer’s Dilemma:

Letting Go of Old Technology

Just like spring-cleaning, decluttering your dealership's systems paves the way for progress.

Modern automotive dealerships depend on technology to meet the needs of today’s customers. So much so that the modern dealership relies on seven technologies to make a sale. These technologies take time to implement and integrate--and they can also dictate work flows and create inefficient habits. Switching to a new technology brings new opportunities to your business to improve workflows and clean costly integrations. In this guide you’ll:

  • Meet real-life dealers who changed their technology for the better
  • Uncover the four major benefits from optimizing your DMS
  • Reveal process improvements and learn how to streamline productivity
  • Learn about the switching process and how a defined process with expert support sets you up for a smoother transition

Cleaning out your technology systems is just the beginning and your dealership deserves a fresh start! Get your copy of the Dealer’s Dilemma: Letting Go of Old Technology, today.

Download your copy of the guide today!

Mike Tourtillott

General Manager, Sisbarro Dealerships

“Dealertrack is like our DMS Siri. They are always there to answer any questions and help us out.”

Kelly Webb Roberts

President, Webb Automotive Group

“I wish I would have switched earlier, for the entire group. DMS shouldn’t be such a burden as it was.”

Peter Smith

General Manager, Bob Smith Toyota

“There is always a fear of change when switching to a new DMS provider. Switching from one DMS provider to another DMS provider can be very challenging, unless you’re switching to Dealertrack..”