How to Demystify a DMS Switch:

Seven Key Principles for Success

You’re on the hunt for a dealer management system (DMS) that will propel your dealership forward without significantly disrupting your business. But finding the right technology set and ensuring a successful DMS conversion can be overwhelming. How do you identify the best DMS partner to secure a smooth transition? In this webinar, Josh Bickerton, director of product consulting at Cox Automotive, will answer those questions, and more, as he explains the seven principles for a successful DMS switch. Watch the webinar now and you'll walk away with:

  • Powerful insights for evaluating your current and future options.
  • Actionable tactics to formulate a strategic game plan.
  • Principle-based guidelines designed to address the fear of change.

Host: Josh Bickerton, Director of Product Consulting at Cox Automotive

Josh Bickerton is the Director of Product Consulting at Cox Automotive. His 20+ years in the DMS industry include working within and leading DMS Implementation, Support, and Sales teams. Josh specializes in helping dealers understand how their technology choices impact their business, employees, and ultimately, customers.

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