To dealers, your overnight funding will be the greatest show on earth.

Because slow funding is a drag on dealers’ profitability, being a slow funder won’t get you “big tent” status – particularly when savvy lenders are booking their loans seemingly overnight. These lenders mastered the speed vs accuracy juggling act – and so can you.

  • Same-day contract processing turnaround
  • 99% data accuracy*
  • PII safety and compliance

These all can all happen with the right technology and processes in place. Not to mention, it’s easy and more affordable than you might think.

Our eGuide explores this struggle between speed and accuracy. Take a read, and consult with your Lender Solutions Specialist about optimizing your paper contract processing operation.

* Data entry accuracy determined on a weekly basis through review of random sampling of contracts per lender and as outlined in Lender agreement.

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