New Technology,

How One Dealership's Transition Drove Immediate Success

With new technology, your dealership can uncover hidden opportunity. But, changing technology can be a scary, overwhelming, process. Let’s face it, a technology transition is a big decision! Join Susan Moll, Sr. Director of Field Services for Cox Automotive, and Jim Browne Auto Group, to learn how they mastered the Dealership Management System (DMS) transition in this recorded webinar. From identifying your biggest pain points, to finding hidden efficiencies, you’ll learn:

  • How to diagnose challenges step-by-step with your dealership’s technology
  • Four industry-tested solutions for mastering a technology transition
  • Hidden workflow efficiencies and improved customer experiences waiting to be uncovered

New technology can improve more than you think! Discover how switching to a new DMS can bring positive change to your dealership, today.

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