Thrive Now: Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges 

5 operational strategies to keep profits high when inventory is low

Inventory shortages are impacting every corner of the industry—no dealership is immune. Without enough cars to sell, many are facing serious profitability problems—but some dealers are succeeding now. By implementing a few operational strategies, specifically developed for lean inventory times, these dealers are finding creative ways to source inventory and overcome challenges. Our new guide, Operational Solutions for Inventory Challenges, will give you 5 strategies to overcome industry obstacles and thrive in this unique market. You’ll learn:

  • How to use cross-departmental data to spot acquisition opportunities
  • Tips for making process adjustments to promote vehicle acquisition
  • How to use reporting and analytics to source in-demand vehicles
  • The importance of working with a partner to identify hidden profit potential

Download our guide to start acquiring inventory and adapting to a new sales environment.

Download the Guide

Mike Tourtillott

General Manager, Sisbarro Dealerships

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Kelly Webb Roberts

President, Webb Automotive Group

“I wish I would have switched earlier, for the entire group. DMS shouldn’t be such a burden as it was.”

Peter Smith

General Manager, Bob Smith Toyota

“There is always a fear of change when switching to a new DMS provider. Switching from one DMS provider to another DMS provider can be very challenging, unless you’re switching to Dealertrack.”