Switching Your

Dealer Management System (DMS)

Expect (a lot) more from your DMS.

We’ve done our research. Lots of research, in fact. By partnering with third-party firms and collecting feedback from over 200 dealer participants, we’ve compiled the following report on making the big switch to a new DMS provider. In it, you’ll discover:

  • The top 4 features every DMS must provide
  • Why dealers (and possibly you) feel trapped, stuck, or held hostage
  • Key reasons that made the switch “worth it” in the end
  • Tips for optimizing a smooth transition to your next DMS partner

Making the move to your new DMS partner is a big decision. Will it be worth it (or ultimately, not)? Only you can be certain. Get your copy of the report today.

Download the report today!

Mike Tourtillott

General Manager, Sisbarro Dealerships

“Dealertrack is like our DMS Siri. They are always there to answer any questions and help us out.”

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Kelly Webb Roberts

President, Webb Automotive Group

“I wish I would have switched earlier, for the entire group. DMS shouldn’t be such a burden as it was.”

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Peter Smith

General Manager, Bob Smith Toyota

“There is always a fear of change when switching to a new DMS provider. Switching from one DMS provider to another DMS provider can be very challenging, unless you’re switching to Dealertrack..”

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