Dealertrack F&I FAQ

When at the login screen, click Forgot password? and follow the prompts to reset your password when logging in.

Watch a video on how to easily reset your password or login ID.

Your Dealer Information Owner/Admin also has the permission to provide a password reset at any time.

You will see your Dealertrack ID listed next to your dealership name in the top right of your screen. If you click your dealership name you will see your Dealertrack ID listed under your Bridge ID username.

Dealertrack can be logged in from any location. Certain functionalities may need permissions to use, such as pulling a Credit Bureau. To learn how to gain access, click here.

When prompted to setup Multi-Factor Authentication for your account, you can follow these steps listed here to enroll or change settings.

Multi-Factor Authentication is required for all dealerships to enroll in to provide an extra layer of security for your information. Once enrolled and logged in, you should not need to use the MFA login steps unless you clear your cookies/browser settings OR login from a new device. Please be sure to setup BOTH your phone # and email address for MFA.

The most common way to start a credit application is from the navigationbar on the top of the main page. Hover over 'Create' and fromthe drop-down menu click on 'Credit Application'. Search for yourcustomer by name and click on 'Find Customer'. Select your customerfrom the list and you'll be taken directly to their Deal Jacket. If your customer name is not on the list, click on Create New Customer.

Click here to see how.

In the customer's Deal Jacket, select 'Add' in the Co-Applicant section of the white header box, complete the information and then click on 'Create' to update the application.

All printing is conveniently done from inside of each customer's Deal Jacket. Select 'Application' from the left navigation tabs, and then click on the blue printer icon on the far right of the screen.

Tip: Always allow pop-ups by disabling your pop-up blocker to enable you to print.

For User administrative changes, select the settings gear icon at the top right of the screen and then select 'User Management' from the left navigation tabs.

For Application defaults, select the settings gear icon at the top right of the screen, then select 'Dealer Setup' from the left navigation tabs, and click on 'Credit Application' from the drop-down.

*Please note that the user must have proper permissions in place and/or be the Dealership Information Owner to make these changes.

From the navigation bar on the top of the main page, select the 'Reports' Tab. On the Reports page under 'Activity Reports' select 'Dealer Activity Report' to access reporting.

For summary data across multiple dealerships, additional reports are available under 'Enterprise Operational and Activity Reports.'

In the Deal Jacket, select 'Edit' in the Vehicle section of the customer header box. A new screen will appear. Change the vehicle information and then click 'Save' to update the application.

After you submit your application, select 'Summary' from the left navigation tabs of the Deal Jacket. The 'Buy Rate' is located in the 'Credit Decisions' section at the bottom of the 'Summary' page. You can also directly select the 'Credit Decisions' tab to access your Buy Rate.

You can set up a default by using the gear icon, located at the top right of the main screen which will bring you to your settings. Under Dealer Setup you will click Credit Application to be able to make this change. You can also manually enter it in the application.

If you already have subscription codes set up: from the navigation bar on the top of the main page hover over 'Create' and click on 'Credit Bureau' from the drop-down menu. Search for your customer by name andclick on 'Find Customer'. Select your customer from the list and you'll be taken directly to their Deal Jacket.

If you have already created the application you can also access the Credit Bureau tab in the Deal Jacket.

If you have bureau provider subscription codes and would like to run credit bureaus through Dealertrack uniFI®, please fill out this form and we'll provide you access within 24 hours: Dealertrack uniFI® Bureau Request Form.

Click here to see how.

Learn how to upload from your tablet.

Learn how to upload from your computer.

As long as you have Credit Bureau permissions, from the Deal Jacket simply click the 'Documents' tab from the left navigation checklist and then select 'Credit Bureau Report'. If you don't have permissions, your store's Dealertrack administrator (DIO) can provide access.

* Please note that you must be subscribed to Dealertrack Compliance to be able to view credit reports older than 30 days.

Depending on who your Credit Report provider is, Dealertrack uniFI can show you your credit reports in multiple formats including CV2, TTY or HTML.

Digital Contracting on Dealertrack uniFI provides a true digital workflow that makes deals and contracts easier for dealers to build and submit — with aftermarket contracts and digital trailing document support for faster funding.

When we speak of "digital contracting" on the Dealertrack uniFI platform, we are talking about a purely paperless funding package. For dealers, it includes dynamic funding checklists not offered by others in the industry, real time error display, multiple device support, point of sale capture, digital trailing doc support, and a faster, easier sign and review process.

We have enhanced our contracting solution to make it faster, easier and better for the user on Dealertrack. Some differentiators include:

  • Mobile capture of ancillary documents — snap a picture and upload
  • Documents with required/optional signatures are clearly listed
  • Review and sign documents digitally
  • Real-time deal verification
  • Use Local File Upload to include stips and paper documents received from a scanner or via email directly into your funding package
  • The ability to contract with your dealership remotely using assisted Remote Signing
  • Upload and sign any deal document with Dealertrack Ready Sign

Contracts and funding package documents can be signed on most tablets 9" or greater as well as desktop devices.

Stips and Documents can be uploaded to the funding package either directly from the tablet using Point and Shoot functionality or they can be uploaded right from the computer using Local File Upload.

Learn how to upload from your tablet.

Learn how to upload from your computer.

Digital Contracting can import deal data from the following DMS providers:

  • Dealertrack DMS
  • CDK (Retail and Lease)
  • Reynolds & Reynolds
  • Advent DMS

Yes, the dealership needs to have an eContracting subscription and needs to be upgraded to Dealertrack uniFI to use the enhanced benefits of Digital Contracting.

Yes, upgrades are free to dealerships and will be required as we phase out of Dealertrack classic. The only charge for these dealerships will be their subscription charge for Digital Contracting which is a monthly fee.

You can view the list of lenders that are currently available here.

  • Funding Package Documents
  • Compliance – Credit Application, Credit Bureau Authorization and Privacy Notice
  • Aftermarket Contracts - Final Menu Documents
  • Any uploaded dealer document can have signature fields added with Ready Sign

Assisted Remote Signing is a new solution from Dealertrack for finalizing a deal remotely using Dealertrack's latest technology on the Dealertrack uniFI ® platform called Digital Delivery. This solution helps to deliver a secure signing solution direct to the consumer's device and create an authoritative copy of the contract via an assisted session. Using this Dealertrack solution, the Dealer and Buyer (and if applicable, the co-buyer) are not in the same physical location(s) but are required to be on the phone/video conference. The dealer guides the buyer through the documents to review and sign while being on the phone and/or video conference.

Dealers create a one-time pairing code that allows the consumer to review and electronically sign deal documents in Dealertrack uniFI® including the funding package their home or other location. The Dealer and Buyer (and co-buyer if applicable) are not in the same physical location(s) but are required to be on the phone/video conference. The dealer guides the buyer through the documents to review and sign while being on the phone and/or video conference. The consumer's device can be unpaired at any time, and automatically unpairs after 2 hours.

Click here to see how.

The assisted Remote Signing solution is supported on multiple devices. Supported devices include Windows, Mac, iPad, iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, Galaxy Tab A/E, and other devices. The screen must be 9 inches or larger, in order to constitute a legal electronic review of the contract. If the device is not touchscreen, the customer can use a mouse or touchpad to create a signature.

Yes, and we are asking that all dealerships ask the user to print/download their documents after agreeing to the e-sign disclosure agreement. The buyer can click the "Download" button on the documents to be signed in order to download or print on their personal printer.

Yes. If the Buyer and Co-buyer are in the same location, the dealer can send the deal to both to sign and the signing solution will indicate whose turn it is to sign.

If the Buyer and Co-buyer are in different locations, the dealer can send the deal first to the Buyer, and then pair the Co-buyer's device at a second location.

If the Buyer or co-buyer do not sign on same day the verification expires at 3AM following day. If the contract is signed by either party, the dealer has 5 days to capture the other signature before it expires.

We recommend that the dealership uses their Compliance tools (subscription required) to confirm the customers identity through Red Flags and OFAC. We also strongly recommend asking Out of Wallet Questions to further confirm the customers identity since they are not in front of the customer. When delivering the vehicle, it is also important to confirm that the buyer has identification available to confirm they are the one who signed the contract.

From the Create tab on the top of the page choose Spot Contract. This will open a screen to start the contract. Type in your customers name to select the customer OR select Create New Customer.

Choose from the drop-down your available Lenders that you would like to send this Spot Contract to for funding. Select Continue to go to the contract screen to begin filling out your contract.

Click here to see how.

On the Credit Bureau request screen, there is a checkbox asking if you would like to Run Red Flags/OFAC. Check off this box to run these ID Verification checks when pulling credit. You will see the pass/fail score on the Credit Decision Screen. If you have Dealertrack Compliance, you will see more detailed information.

These can all be found in the Documents tab on the left-hand navigation within the Deal Jacket. If you have Dealertrack Compliance, this data will be stored for up to 10 years.

On the Credit Decisions screen there is a button to Ask Out of Wallet Questions. Click this button to begin the Questionnaire.

You would click on the Compliance tab on the Deal Jacket. Here you will see a checklist of actions you should take and their status. For incomplete compliance actions, you are able to complete the task or print a document right from this screen.

Click the Compliance drop down on the top blue bar. You will find Compliance Reports in this drop down as well as access to the Compliance Dashboard to monitor Compliance activity across the dealership.

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