» Once the information is loaded into the Contract, when you go to submit your Credit Application all previously entered data will be pre-filled already for quicker submission.

How to create a spot contract:




Select Create and then Spot Contract on the blue navigation bar at the top. You can also start from your Quick Links or Deal Creator  taskbar. 




After typing in your customers name, select the customer that will be purchasing the vehicle OR select Create New Customer



Use the radio buttons to select if you need to add a Co-Applicant and to choose your Product Type.

Choose from the drop-down your available Lenders that you would like to send this Spot Contract to for funding.

Select Continue




You will now click Start Contract or Import from DMS if your deal was started in the DMS. You will fill out all the information for the deal and submit the structure to your lender for verification.

Once verified, you can complete your credit application and continue to sign all documents within the deal and submit for funding.

TIPS:    We recommend you pair your in-store tablet for signing before handing it to your customer for signing to speed up the process. Learn how to set up your device here.