Subscribers to Dealertrack Compliance have deeper insights into the Credit Risk of a customer when pulling Credit Bureaus.

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How to pull and review a credit bureau:




Select Create and then Credit Bureau on the blue navigation bar at the top. You can also start from your Quick Links or Deal Creator Taskbar.




After selecting your customer or starting a new deal, complete the details on the page. If you have Dealertrack Compliance, you would check off to Run Red Flags/OFAC. Under Bureaus choose which Provider you would like to run based on who you are subscribed to.

If you have the customer's permission to pull their credit report, please check off the box. Click Submit.



After the screen refreshes, you will see the Credit Scores, reports and details on the screen. You may also see Compliance Alerts and actions you should take if prompted.

To view the detailed Credit Reports, click on the PDF under each provider OR click Print All Reports at the bottom of the page.




From this page you can easily print and provide your Risk-Based Pricing Notice or Adverse Action Notice by clicking on their buttons. If you subscribe to Dealertrack Compliance, you will see your Compliance Overview which will show you your customers Risk Level, Red Flags, OFAC and Out of Wallet Questions if needed.



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