» Device pairing and signing can be completed with most 9” or larger tablets including iPad, Android or other touchscreen devices.




Pair from settings

On your touchscreen device, log into Dealertrack.com. Click on the Settings Wheel on the top right of the screen. Under Dealer Setup choose Device Pairing.


Name the Device

Name the Device

A pop-up will appear asking you to choose which device you are pairing. Choose This Device.

A notification will confirm that you have successfully paired the device.

Name the device (e.g. “Dealer iPad) and select Complete Pairing.

Please Note: A new tab will open with the Digital Delivery waiting screen. Ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled.


Complete Pairing

Log out of Dealertrack and close that tab, leaving the Digital Delivery waiting screen open. Now hand the device to the customer for signing.

If you exit the Digital Delivery waiting screen, go to delivery.dealertrack.com/dealer on your device to return back to the screen.




Pairing from the deal

Pairing from the deal

You also have the ability to pair from within the deal by clicking the Sign button when you are ready to sign.

Once you click Sign you will choose Pair with new device and continue to follow the above previous steps to pair the device.



Click on the Sign button and select the paired device. Select Signer(s) and click Continue. Hand the device to the buyer to agree to the eSign Disclosure and Consent, and start signing.

When the device displays: You have completed the signing process! Refresh your desktop screen to view or print all signed documents.

TIP:  We recommend you pair your in-store at the beginning of the day so that it is always ready to hand to the customer for them to begin signing.